Re-thinking your career path?

Thinking about moving on but not sure if now is the right time?
Need to make a change but not sure what direction to go?

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Cathy Ginsberg

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Are you re-thinking your career path?  You are not alone. The ever-changing and uncertain environment we’re living in right now has led many people to question their direction.

It can be confusing – there are so many options, but which of them is right for you?

How do you even start to re-think your future?

To help you cut through the clutter, I’ve developed the Career Growth Checklist. Just fill out your name and email in the form above to get this free resource.

Plus, if you’re leading a team in these turbulent times you may find yourself supporting your staff through one change after another.

It can be exhausting. This is where coaching comes in.

Yes, you can grow and thrive in your career even in challenging economic times. My Career Growth packages make professional progress achievable for anyone.  

Career Growth Coaching

Every professional athlete has a coach. When your career is important to you, you are intentional about taking the right steps to get to the next level. But you don’t need just any coach, you need the right coach for your unique needs and vision. You’ll want to know if my style and approach are what you’re looking for in a coach. That’s why I provide a  free, no-obligation call to get acquainted.

You can benefit from coaching if you say yes to any of these questions:

  • Are you at a crossroads and wondering if it’s the right time to move on?
  • Do you want to learn to love your job again?
  • Are you wondering how to keep it all together, as you strive to lead your team through change, upheaval and turbulence?

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People Focus Training

People are the most vital resource in any organization. I’m committed to helping you bring out the best in your team and yourself. Whether you’re a manager looking to engage and inspire others, or a professional looking for growth and engagement in your career, you can benefit from my years of experience and coaching model.

Looking for answers? Here’s how Career Growth Coaching can help.

Exploratory Coaching – if you are uncertain of your direction, we’ll work together to explore your options. Based on your individual situation, I’ll help you with career assessments that both valid and reliable, to provide new insights, so that you can move ahead or stay in place, with confidence – helping you to find answers to that age-old question “what do I want to be when I grow up?”

Uncovering Opportunities – once you have solid ideas about your direction, I’ll share specific strategies and resources to help you discover what’s out there in terms of opportunities that are suitable and meaningful for you. Read more

Personal Branding – if you’re looking for that next great career move, there’s no doubt that you’ll need to market yourself effectively in these challenging times.  We’ll turn our attention to all the self-marketing tools at your disposal – including, of course, your resume – making sure that you present yourself as the ideal candidate to your ideal employer. . Read more

Success in Your New Role – the early days in your new role are crucial to your long-term success. To ensure a successful transition, you have the option to extend the coaching relationship into the first few weeks or months as you navigate the new landscape. . Read more

Why hire a coach?

Every professional athlete has a coach: when your career is important to you and you need help moving to the next step, it makes sense to work with a coach –  a trusted advisor who provides resources, information, acts as a sounding board and keeps you accountable to your goals. 

But it’s important to find the right coach for your unique needs and your career, not just any coach. Before we start working together, you’ll want to know if my style and approach are a good fit for you. That’s why I provide a  free, no-obligation call to get acquainted.

Book a Strategy Session with me to find out if there’s a fit.

I offer a range of coaching and training services to those who are looking to grow in their career, and to managers looking to be more effective in their day-to-day work. My practice is based on the premise that people are the most vital resource in any organization – so my coaching and training is all geared to bringing out the best in people.

Yes, you can grow your career even in challenging economic times.

To find out more about my approach to growth, engagement and inspiration at work, check out my blog, and visit People Focus Training on LinkedIn

Interested in growing your career right now? Here are the options:

Grow Your Career

Online self-directed course that takes you through the essentials to grow in your career. 

  • gain clarity about your motivations and intentions to change and grow in your career – and about what you want to do next.
  • discover resources that will help you with your growth.
  • learn strategies to personalize your basic job search tools to land that dream job.
  • understand how to tackle those challenging interview questions.

Career Growth by the Hour

  • targeted help with specific areas of career growth
  • resume or social media updates
  • interview practice
  • mix & match – select from a menu of choices

3 -Month Career Accelerator

  • regular coaching to gain clarity, set goals and take strides in your career journey
  • in-depth reviews of your personal branding
  • worksheets, assessments and checklists to guide and support your progress
  • “coach-in-your-pocket” priority access

Contact me for details!

Executive Coaching and Leadership Development

As a manager, you want to see a healthy, vibrant culture in your team. You want to develop a workplace where people thrive, and teamwork flourishes. An environment that attracts and retains the most talented and motivated staff so that together you can achieve great results. You want to see your staff develop and grow – knowing that you are helping them along the way. If you’re already doing this, you’ll know how rewarding it can be, and you’ll understand why great managers love their work.

But all too often I hear from managers who are feeling stress and overwhelm in their work. A positive workplace culture doesn’t evolve by itself – it takes time, effort and skill. Finding and keeping the best employees is challenging. And there will be times when you need to have difficult conversations with staff around performance, attitude or interpersonal conflicts.

Often, there’s a lack of training or guidance for managers, in all sorts of companies and organizations – both large and small. It can be a case of sink or swim – with few options to turn to for support.

This is where I come in.

I’ve been in your shoes as a manager – both in the corporate and the non-profit world. And, as a coach and trainer I have worked with people from many backgrounds to help develop their people-management skills. My approach combines an in-depth assessment of your leadership and work style, with one-on-one coaching, focused on the development of skills that will greatly enhance your ability to manage your team to achieve success.

My programs are designed to bring out your innate strengths and to develop your skills in the areas that challenge you. Here are some of the results you can achieve through working with me:

  • Greater confidence in motivating your team into action
  • Skills and strategies for effective performance management
  • More collaboration among your team members
  • Higher levels of talent retention
  • A more positive workplace culture
  • Improved outcomes, productivity and results

Executive coaching packages are shown below. All are provided online, and arranged to fit your schedule.

Career Growth packages are also available, ask me for details:

Looking to explore your personal leadership strengths and challenges in order to start the journey towards being a more effective people manager? Here’s where to start. Read more…

Want to achieve more, but need help to define and set clear goals? In seven short weeks you’ll find greater clarity and focus – with a winning combination of motivation and accountability. Read more… 

Ready to bring your people management skills to a new level?  We’ll start with an in-depth assessment of your personal style and leadership skills. We’ll work together for six months, developing your strengths and overcoming challenges. You’ll see real transformation in this program. Read more…

I’d love to discuss the options with you. Click the LINK below. This takes you to my online scheduler. Just pick a time that works for you.



Cathy is one of THE most professional, experienced & effective coaches I’ve had the privilege of working with! The breadth & depth of her knowledge and experience allow Cathy to offer the most strategic advice & assistance for career advancement for individuals. In addition her perspective & work with executives makes her the clear choice for executives as well. Because Cathy is at the top of her game and possesses a unique combination of compassion and a proven track record of over-delivering for her clients, I highly recommend her! J.W.

I am pleased to recommend Cathy Ginsberg. As a professional business coach she has developed and implemented training programs for self-employment, job search, and career exploration. As a manager she successfully directed and developed her staff to achieve agency targets. Cathy is dedicated to helping people develop their skills to improve efficiency and understanding. – J.R.

“The online course was very helpful, easy to use and navigate, and had a lot of great steps and tips I will use in the future.” – M.P.

Cathy was a thoroughly professional, patient and encouraging coach and I profited considerably from her dedication and assistance.  – R.W.

Cathy, thank you so much for your dedication and advice. You have been a wonderful mentor to me. I admire your professionalism.  – R.U.

Thanks so much for your advice and support over these past few months – it kept me going when I otherwise would have given up! … It has been a real pleasure and honour to work with you.   – J.P.

You really helped me develop and grow in the nonprofit world as well as a human being! You have been a great mentor. – O.R.

You have been amazing to work with and I have learned so much from you. – M.R.

Cathy’s strong knowledge and exceptional ability to manage others and to motivate a team into action is unparalleled.  – S.R.