Feeling stuck in your career?

Get back on track with a plan, clear goals and the confidence to move ahead to where you want to be.

Too many people wake up on Monday morning dreading the start of their work week. By Friday, they’re convinced that life is passing them by.

Sound familiar?
Download the “Should I Stay or Should I Go?” Career Move Decision-Maker, and you’ll be guided through the decision-making process to get clear on the next step in your career.

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Hello, I’m Cathy…

If you’re looking for guidance to move beyond a stuck point in your career. I’ve been there and I know it feels risky to move on to the unknown. How can you be sure it’s the right choice? Sometimes security is more important than adventure. Having the right coach with you on the journey makes all the difference. My own career journey has been a blend of inspiration and interesting experiences, along with challenges, uncertainty, difficult decisions and transitions. Continue reading >

“Cathy was a thoroughly professional, patient and encouraging coach and I profited considerably from her dedication and assistance.”


Career Growth Coaching

Take a deep dive into the changes you want to make in your career.
With a blend of individual coaching, tools and trainings, here’s what you’ll get:

  • greater clarity (what do you want to do?)
  • defined steps along the way (how will you get there?)
  • a renewed sense of purpose in your career

Discover the coaching package that’s right for you. I love seeing people succeed, and I have the experience, knowledge, and tools to help you do just that!

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