Re-thinking your career path?

Thinking about moving on but not sure if now is the right time?
Need to make a change but not sure what direction to go?

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Cathy Ginsberg

Clear Goals and Growth Strategies for Your Career

Are you re-thinking your career path?  You are not alone. The ever-changing and uncertain environment we’re living in right now has led many people to question their direction.

It can be confusing – there are so many options, but which of them is right for you?

How do you even start to re-think your future?

To help you cut through the clutter, I’ve developed the Career Growth Checklist. Just fill out your name and email in the form above to get this free resource.

Plus, if you’re leading a team in these turbulent times you may find yourself supporting your staff through one change after another.

It can be exhausting. This is where coaching comes in.

Yes, you can grow and thrive in your career even in challenging economic times. My Career Growth packages make professional progress achievable for anyone.  

Career Growth Coaching

Every professional athlete has a coach. When your career is important to you, you are intentional about taking the right steps to get to the next level. But you don’t need just any coach, you need the right coach for your unique needs and vision. You’ll want to know if my style and approach are what you’re looking for in a coach. That’s why I provide a  free, no-obligation call to get acquainted.

You can benefit from coaching if you say yes to any of these questions:

  • Are you at a crossroads and wondering if it’s the right time to move on?
  • Do you want to learn to love your job again?
  • Are you wondering how to keep it all together, as you strive to lead your team through change, upheaval and turbulence?


Book your free, no-obligation strategy call with me today.

I offer a range of coaching and training services to those who are looking to grow in their career, and to managers looking to be more effective in their day-to-day work. My practice is based on the premise that people are the most vital resource in any organization – so my coaching and training is all geared to bringing out the best in people.

Yes, you can grow your career even in challenging economic times.




Cathy is one of THE most professional, experienced & effective coaches I’ve had the privilege of working with! The breadth & depth of her knowledge and experience allow Cathy to offer the most strategic advice & assistance for career advancement for individuals. In addition her perspective & work with executives makes her the clear choice for executives as well. Because Cathy is at the top of her game and possesses a unique combination of compassion and a proven track record of over-delivering for her clients, I highly recommend her! J.W.

I am pleased to recommend Cathy Ginsberg. As a professional business coach she has developed and implemented training programs for self-employment, job search, and career exploration. As a manager she successfully directed and developed her staff to achieve agency targets. Cathy is dedicated to helping people develop their skills to improve efficiency and understanding. – J.R.

“The online course was very helpful, easy to use and navigate, and had a lot of great steps and tips I will use in the future.” – M.P.

Cathy was a thoroughly professional, patient and encouraging coach and I profited considerably from her dedication and assistance.  – R.W.

Cathy, thank you so much for your dedication and advice. You have been a wonderful mentor to me. I admire your professionalism.  – R.U.

Thanks so much for your advice and support over these past few months – it kept me going when I otherwise would have given up! … It has been a real pleasure and honour to work with you.   – J.P.

You really helped me develop and grow in the nonprofit world as well as a human being! You have been a great mentor. – O.R.

You have been amazing to work with and I have learned so much from you. – M.R.

Cathy’s strong knowledge and exceptional ability to manage others and to motivate a team into action is unparalleled.  – S.R.