I help bring greater fulfillment to the workplace!

As a manager, you want to see a healthy, vibrant culture in your team. You want to develop a workplace where people thrive, and teamwork flourishes. An environment that attracts and retains the most talented and motivated staff so that together you can achieve great results. You want to see your staff develop and grow – knowing that you are helping them along the way. If you’re already doing this, you’ll know how rewarding it can be, and you’ll understand why great managers love their work.

But all too often I hear from managers who are feeling stress and overwhelm in their work. A positive workplace culture doesn’t evolve by itself – it takes time, effort and skill. Finding and keeping the best employees is challenging. And there will be times when you need to have difficult conversations with staff around performance, attitude or interpersonal conflicts.

Often, there’s a lack of training or guidance for managers, in all sorts of companies and organizations – both large and small. It can be a case of sink or swim – with few options to turn to for support.

This is where I come in.

I’ve been in your shoes as a manager – both in the corporate and the non-profit world. And, as a coach and trainer I have worked with people from many backgrounds to help develop their people-management skills. My approach combines an in-depth assessment of your leadership and work style, with one-on-one coaching, focused on the development of skills that will greatly enhance your ability to manage your team to achieve success.

My programs are designed to bring out your innate strengths and to develop your skills in the areas that challenge you. Here are some of the results you can achieve through working with me:

  • Greater confidence in motivating your team into action
  • Skills and strategies for effective performance management
  • More collaboration among your team members
  • Higher levels of talent retention
  • A more positive workplace culture
  • Improved outcomes, productivity and results

Individual coaching packages are shown below. All are provided online, and arranged to fit your schedule. Group and team packages are also available:

Looking to explore your personal leadership strengths and challenges in order to start the journey towards being a more effective people manager? Here’s where to start. Read more…

Want to achieve more, but need help to define and set clear goals? In seven short weeks you’ll find greater clarity and focus – with a winning combination of motivation and accountability. Read more… 

Ready to bring your people management skills to a new level?  We’ll start with an in-depth assessment of your personal style and leadership skills. We’ll work together for six months, developing your strengths and overcoming challenges. You’ll see real transformation in this program. Read more…

I’d love to discuss the options with you. Click the LINK below. This takes you to my online scheduler. Just pick a time that works for you.