Month: July 2018

Employee Engagement

Keeping Staff Engaged on a Tight Budget

How do you keep staff engaged when you’re working with a tight budget? Most non-profit organizations operate on a limited budget – making it hard to offer financial incentives like bonuses or rewards. For many years, the trend has been to consistently achieve better results while budgets continue to flatline or reduce. So how do

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Leadership Development

How to Manage Your Time and Grow Your Team by Delegating

How many times have we heard someone say “There aren’t enough hours in the day”? We’ve all experienced that overwhelming feeling of having too many tasks and no way to devote enough time to each of them. If this sounds like you, delegation may seem like the perfect way to better manage your workload. Or

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Leadership training
Employee Motivation

3 Ways to Become a Better Manager by Understanding Personality Types

Your interpersonal skills are key to your effectiveness as a leader. The ability to communicate, motivate, and give feedback to your team improves when you understand each team member better. And, increasing your self-awareness enables you to build on your own strengths, and be a better leader. In fact in any role, personal or professional,

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