5 Steps to Spring Clean Your Career

The desire for change happens in varying aspects of life and your career is no exception. While sometimes the tried and true, secure and well-known routine works for you, there are probably times when you experience restlessness and a desire for more.

The itch for more money, more responsibility, or more challenge.  Take that restless feeling as a reminder of your capabilities. It could be a clear indication that your potential exceeds your current reality.

The truth is, even if you are pursuing your passion, things can still get old when you go too long without the excitement of something different or the challenge of something new. I know that’s happened to me too, at various stages in my career.

So how do you defeat that mundane feeling while journeying on your career path?

Sometimes a major re-set is needed but at other times, a few minor adjustments can spark a feeling of renewal and help you regain the momentum to passionately pursue your professional objectives.

Think of it as spring-cleaning your career. Try starting with these 5 steps.

  1. Create Space

With the busy pace of life, this one can be hard, but it’s a critical piece of the puzzle. Take the time to decide on where you’re headed.

Are you on the right path?

Not passionate about your current position?

Dissatisfied with your trajectory?

If you are in an industry that interests you, but in a role that you’ve outgrown – are you ready to move up the ladder? Then start to identify opportunities that connect with you at a higher frequency. This means you’ll be ready to strategically position yourself when opportunity presents itself.

By giving yourself the space and time to get clear, you’ll know what opportunities you are looking for and this will heighten your ability to recognize a true fit, so you can reach for that new opportunity.

  1. Mix and Match

Build on your skill set. While you may think you have mastered your current position there is always something new to learn. Changes in policies, technology – and the economy –  can give you a whole new perspective on how you can develop a competitive edge in your own personal job market.

Though you may excel at what you do, you don’t have to limit yourself to a particular area in your field. If you are a manager, maybe it’s time equip yourself with more in-depth knowledge on HR policies and procedures that can help support your team and your growth. Or partner up with a colleague in a different department to get acquainted with some of the administrative processes that you have in common.

Grasping the ins and outs of how the wheels turn in your department or organization not only makes you a key player but can reveal a world of opportunity and interests that you never even knew existed.

  1. Declutter

Have you recently rearranged the furniture in your home, or refreshed your wardrobe, giving away unused items? It’s funny how something as simple as moving a few things around – or moving a few things out – can give you a fresh vibe and energy, as you step into your home.

Take that same spring cleaning approach and apply it to your resume.

When was the last time you decluttered your resume, removing out-dated work history, or no-longer-relevant qualifications? With limited space, make sure the prime real estate on your resume really sells your skills and accomplishments.

An updated resume can not only give you the competitive edge but also the ego boost needed to grab hold of an opportunity. There’s something about seeing your key achievements, experience and education perfectly crafted and depicted on a piece of paper that makes you think “Wow, I did all that!”, which will certainly reaffirm just how capable you are of being great.

  1. Spruce Up

The saying “dress for success” isn’t just a saying – and I’ve learned it isn’t just a reference to your attire. In the professional world, thinking of yourself as a brand is a necessity. Like commercial brands, your personal brand needs to stay relevant, it needs to be engaging and it needs to be recognized in your market.

Sometimes brands need to reinvent themselves to capture their target audience and you are no different.

The LinkedIn platform has given professionals all around the world the opportunity to let their brand shine. It is no easy feat, the shelves are packed and it is competitive out there.

What is your LinkedIn profile saying about your brand? When your profile is polished and current, you may find you don’t have to go looking for an opportunity – sometimes opportunity shows up at your doorstep. Think of LinkedIn as your own personal career storefront.

  1. Call in the Professionals

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for a successful career path. While some basic principles can help you navigate your journey, at times you may just have to pull over and ask for directions – just as you might call in a professional organizer, a cleaning service, or a home decorator to spruce up your home. A career coach can help you gain clarity about your career vision, give you feedback on your resume and social media presence, give you practice in interviewing, and much more.

In my work as a Career Growth Coach, I specialize in helping people find that next step in their career. Is it time for you to reconsider your career direction? Reflect on your current skills? Decide which new skills you need? Or, do you need an objective sounding board to help move beyond challenges?

Contact me to find out how I can assist you with spring-cleaning your career!