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Cathy Ginsberg
Cathy Ginsberg

Cathy Ginsberg

President, Coach & Trainer - People Focus Training Inc.

I’m here to help you to create a more inspiring workplace for you and your team. 

Do you believe that people are the most important resource in your organization? So do I. That’s why I focus on providing you with tools and resources, coaching and training to develop your people-management skills. My leadership programs are designed to bring out your best qualities as a manager, and help to develop new strengths  – no matter how much experience you have, or what level you are in the organization.

I’ve had the good fortune to have worked in many different environments – so I bring a diverse background with fresh perspectives to help you in your leadership journey. I’ve worked in corporate, medium and small businesses, as well as nonprofits.

I’ve coached, trained, co-ordinated, managed … and I’ve been managed, too. I know what it is like to work in great, motivational workplaces, and in not-so-motivational ones. I’ve learned how good managers can build confidence and drive engagement – and how less-skilled managers can end up extinguishing their teams’ drive and creativity. 

My experience includes managing teams to achieve successful outcomes in challenging circumstances, juggling multiple hats to bring creative projects together, mentoring people to develop their potential and to overcome barriers, as well as coaching and training managers like you, to develop your full potential.

Credibility and expertise are important to me and so I continually upgrade my skills. My most recent credentials are from the Centre for Executive Coaching – where I achieved certification as an Executive Coach and a Career Coach – so that I can bring the best coaching tools and techniques to our work together. I’m also an Associate with CRG – the global leader in assessments for personal and professional development – enhancing the effectiveness of my coaching engagements. 

I’m passionate about social causes and believe in giving back to the community through low-cost or no-cost leadership development programs specifically designed for the nonprofit and charitable sector. I also work with career professionals, through an affiliate relationship with ERS Scale Inc. – helping bridge the gap for job seekers across Canada and around the world.

COVID-19 UPDATE: The May 28th seminar will be postponed - please check back for further information.