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Cathy Ginsberg
Cathy Ginsberg

Cathy Ginsberg

President, Coach & Trainer - People Focus Training Inc.

Hi, I’m Cathy Ginsberg, your Coach and Trainer, and I’m here to help you to inspire commitment and achieve results. 

I’m also President of People Focus Training Inc. a company I founded after many years managing and delivering programs in the field of community and social services. I believe nonprofit staff – who are mission-driven in their work to help people in need – can truly excel when their leaders understand how to inspire commitment. That’s why I develop and deliver training and coaching programs for nonprofit leaders to develop their people-management skills, to help them lead their teams to achieve outstanding results in their important work. 

I started my leadership journey many years ago, when, armed with credentials in both Business and Fashion Design, I was hired to run the Quality Control department for a clothing manufacturer. Fast forward to today, and my experience in leadership ranges from nonprofits and volunteer-driven organizations, to small business, through to my most recent experience managing a busy Employment Ontario centre. 

Along with leadership, I have diverse experience in designing and running training programs, workshops and conference sessions on topics ranging from interpersonal skills and goal setting, through to entrepreneurship, leadership styles, and performance management.  I’ve coached people from all walks of life – staff, volunteers, and clients, helping them to clarify goals, conquer roadblocks, embrace change and achieve success.

My credentials include a BEd in Adult Education, and Diplomas in Business and Fashion Design. I’m a certified Personality Dimensions® Facilitator. I’m an avid learner – and I’m constantly reading about leadership and the nonprofit sector in order to stay current with these ever-changing fields.

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