Hello, I’m Cathy

If you’re looking for guidance to move beyond a stuck point in your career, I’ve been there, and I know it feels risky to move on to the unknown. How can you be sure it’s the right choice? Sometimes security is more important than adventure. Having the right coach with you on the journey makes all the difference. My own career has been a blend of inspiration and interesting experiences, along with challenges, uncertainty, difficult decisions and transitions.

“I finally had the job offer confirmed! Thank you for your help along the journey. Not just the techniques you taught me, but most importantly the confidence you brought back to me. THANK YOU!”

An interview with Cathy

How did you become an expert in coaching for career growth?

Once, I was trapped in the safe secure lane, an uninspiring office job in the tall towers downtown, and I hated it. I knew it was draining the life out of me. But change is hard, the pay and benefits were good, and I worried that it would be difficult to find a good position in another company.

But I finally realized that unless I changed something, nothing else would change. I made a bold move and started afresh at a small but vibrant consulting firm.

This led me to opportunities I’d never imagined before. I discovered a passion for training, coaching, and development.

Long story short, my career since then has been diverse with many peaks and valleys. I understand how to navigate the twists and turns, and I love helping people like you navigate those challenges in their own careers.

How long have you been a coach?

I first started coaching people more than 15 years ago. My earliest clients were moving through difficult career transitions and came from all walks of life. At that time, I was working for a non-profit career centre. I moved into management roles after that, and used my coaching skills to help my team members develop and grow.

Fast forward a few years, and I started my own company, People Focus Training, in 2018. Now I mostly work with women in mid-career who have hit a stuck point and are looking to get back on track with clear goals and the confidence to move ahead to where they want to be. My goal is to help you find fulfillment and inspiration at work – otherwise known as job satisfaction.

Is job satisfaction truly a realistic goal?

Yes! And while we’re talking about job satisfaction, you might be surprised to learn what I’ve discovered about job dissatisfaction.

Job dissatisfaction can be an opportunity. Sometimes, unhappiness at work is a sign that your dream job is out there if you choose to look for it. Perhaps that sounds like pie in the sky? Like many people, maybe you cling to the safe and secure. Here’s what that often looks like:

● You have a nagging question in your head every day – “should I stay, or should I go?”
● You take a peek at job postings on LinkedIn once a week or so, just to see what’s out there, but never take it further.
● Some days you think” “I’m ready to just leave now and close this chapter in my career. Maybe my dream job will drop in my lap”
● Other days you think: “I just need to wait for that promotion, I’ve been able to get this far – surely my hard work will be recognized soon.” In other words, you’re hoping for better, while settling for less than 100%. This might be fine for those who want to just survive and get by, but is it enough for you?

What kind of clients do you work with best?

A lot of my clients are women in mid-career. They often find themselves in one of these three zones of discomfort when they reach out to me for help:

● the square peg zone, where the job is just not a good fit.
● the glass ceiling zone, where the prospects of moving up are slim to zero.
● the awful boss zone, self-explanatory but sadly all too common.

Regardless of the discomfort you feel, it’s risky to move on to the unknown. How do you know if you’re making the right choice?
Sometimes security is more important than adventure. But what if you could have both? This is where I come in as a guide and trusted advisor on your journey.

What are your credentials?

I’m certified through the Center for Executive Coaching as both an Executive Coach and a Career Coach. This means you can have confidence that I use coaching techniques that are proven to be effective in achieving outstanding results. I also have a solid grounding in how adults learn ( a key element of the coaching process) through my Bachelor of Education in Adult Education. I earned this degree by studying remotely, part-time while working full-time and raising my 3 children.

I’m not quite ready to get started, is there a way to sample your work?

Yes! I’ve created resources and information for you to help on your career journey at no cost to you. You can:

Download the Should I Stay or Should I Go? Career Move Decision-Maker

Read my blog for topics around career growth and leadership

And connect with me on LinkedIn – I regularly post career-related insights

Did you start a new hobby during the pandemic?

Glad you asked! I became an avid gardener which was my route to self-care and joy during the lockdowns. I had already started gardening so it wasn’t really a new hobby, but I did spend a lot more time on it than I ever had before. Here’s a picture of my flower beds:

Pandemic hobby

Do you have questions?
I’d love to hear from you!

You can reach me by email: info@pftrg.ca

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