About Me

Cathy Ginsberg

Career Growth Coach & Trainer - People Focus Training Inc.

I always wanted to carve out a career that would be interesting and fulfilling, and uniquely my own.

And that’s exactly what I’ve done. 

My career journey has been a blend of inspiration and interesting experiences, along with challenges, uncertainty, difficult decisions and transitions. Sometimes I’ve taken the plunge into an exciting new career direction. Other times I’ve remained in the safe, secure lane – a job with a good salary, benefits, and a comfortable routine. 

It’s risky to move on to the unknown. How do you know if it’s the right choice? Sometimes security is more important than adventure.

For me, eventually that small, quiet voice in my head whispered that I was bored, unfulfilled, and wasting my potential. I clearly remember the exhilaration one time when I took the plunge – leaving my safe, secure, but uninspiring office job in the tall towers downtown, to start afresh at a small but vibrant consulting firm. 

In this new environment, we created training programs, and I fell in love with training, coaching and development. I also learned what inspirational leadership looks like, from two of the best bosses I’ve ever had.

I’ve been on a diverse career journey. There have been peaks and valleys, of course. The highlights are those times when my background, training, experience and personality blended together to produce inspiration and engagement in my work. 

What does your career journey look like? Are you ready to explore your next step? Trying to decide whether to:

  • stay where you are (when you yearn for security) 
  • move up (climb the ladder!) 
  • move on (to your next adventure!) 

It helps to have a guide and trusted advisor on your journey.

Wondering what it’d be like to work with me as your Career Growth Coach? Contact me to book an exploratory call. This call is free and with no strings attached. (I’m a coach, not a sales person).

Are you listening to that small voice in your head?

You inspire me!

 I was inspired by a boss who combined empathy, a strong work ethic, a sense of humour and a knack for giving feedback that helped me to grow. And by a co-worker who persisted through difficult tasks and uncomfortable situations, showing grit in her steadfast approach and achieving her goals despite all the challenges she faced. 

Inspiration comes from other people. Working with clients who share unique perspectives with me as they discover new ways to move beyond their roadblocks. Or people who have been stuck too long in a job that they have outgrown, but dig deep to find the courage to step up into a new role. 

You and your growth are the priority here at People Focus Training. When I created my own company, the vision was to help others in their journey towards growth, engagement and inspiration at work. 

Growth for me has included taking on challenges, looking for opportunities to learn, and ultimately helping others to develop and grow. For me, this happens when I’m coaching others to achieve their goals, or presenting and training a team on a topic that I’m excited about. Or when I am creating a new course, webinar or training session – figuring out what my audience will both want and need to learn, and how to put it all together in a meaningful way. These are tasks I feel I was made to do. 

Could Overcoming Fear be Your Best Career Move?

I’ve enjoyed public speaking for many years to groups both large and small; face to face and online. But early in my career, the whole idea of standing in front of a group and speaking filled me with dread. By the way, this is very common, and it’s something that holds us back from success in life.

I overcame this fear by intentionally stepping outside of my comfort zone. I volunteered to lead regular meetings for a community group that I cared about and gradually developed the skills, mindset and confidence. Since then, I’ve helped many people overcome their fear and gain the confidence to go after that next career move, promotion, or career switch.

More than once, I have moved from the security of the familiar to explore new opportunities and have never regretted it. I have always aimed for maximum engagement in my work – and aim to keep those around me inspired to be their best self and overcome their fear of failure.

That moment when you realize you absolutely love your work!

I can get you there. Engagement in my work has kept me anchored, productive and creative. It’s time for you to experience excitement and engagement at work, and I am here to help you get that feeling back when you are absorbed in a task, distractions fall away, and time seems to pass almost without you noticing it.

Are You Ready for Better?

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Credibility and expertise are important to me. I’m accredited through the Center for Executive Coaching as an Executive Coach and a Career Coach – so that I can bring the best coaching tools and techniques to our work together. 

I’m an Associate with CRG – the global leader in assessments for personal and professional development – enhancing the effectiveness of my coaching engagements. 

I also work with career professionals, through an affiliate relationship with ERS Scale Inc. – helping bridge the gap for job seekers across Canada and around the world.

I’m a strong believer in the importance of the non-profit and charitable sector and regularly provide low-cost or no-cost leadership development programs specifically designed to help develop strong people-leadership skills in the sector. Visit my Booking Page to find out how I can help your non-profit organization.