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How Well Do the Shoes Fit?

4 Key elements for career goal-setting I was 16 and thrilled to be going to work at my first part-time job at a shoe store. …

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3 Keys to Keeping on Track with your Career Goals in 2020

Do you feel like life has taken you on the most unexpected detour of all time?  Here we are, who would have thought that in …

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5 Steps to Career Growth in Challenging Times

What if you really want to grow in your career, despite the pandemic? Career growth may not be top of mind for you right now …

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The Art of Running Online Meetings

Are you suddenly leading a remote team? Today is Thursday, March 19th, 2020 – and the topic I had planned for my monthly blog post …

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Continuous Learning – Essential for Success

3 keys to maximize the effectiveness of professional development The big question for professional development used to be “how do you stay up to date …

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Looking Ahead to 2020

Here’s why I’m looking forward to kicking off the New Year! Even though December has just started – I am looking ahead to 2020 already! …

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