5 Tips for Starting a New Job during the Pandemic

Has your career path been redirected? It’s an understatement to say that a lot of changes have taken place during the pandemic. But alongside all that’s been happening during this time, perhaps you’ve also had to redirect your career path. Whether by choice or due to events beyond your control, you may have taken the … Read more

How Well Do the Shoes Fit?

4 Key elements for career goal-setting I was 16 and thrilled to be going to work at my first part-time job at a shoe store. On my first day, I was given minimal training and then set loose in the showroom to serve customers. The store was very busy, and I felt confused as I … Read more

Taking a Proactive Approach to “People Issues”

Try this three-step approach to deal with the challenges of managing people What’s the most challenging part of your job as a manager? What takes the majority of your time? Data management and completing reports? Achieving sales and productivity targets? Rolling out new programs/products/services? Dealing with people problems? If you opted for the last one, … Read more

How to Manage Your Own Professional Development

Continuous learning is essential for effective leadership Are you one of those managers who is always looking out for your team, helping them develop, encouraging them to build their skills, while putting your own development needs on the back burner? Or do you seek out professional development opportunities for yourself as a break, a perk, … Read more