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How to Manage Your Own Professional Development

Continuous learning is essential for effective leadership Are you one of those managers who is always looking out for your team, helping them develop, encouraging them to build their skills, while putting your own development needs on the back burner? Or do you seek out professional development opportunities for yourself as a break, a perk,

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Career Development

Is Staff Development Draining Your Time?

These 5 red flags will tell you when it’s time to shift your focus As a manager, your time is at a premium. One of your most important responsibilities is to develop your team members – but when you’re juggling  so many priorities, how do you find enough time to do this properly? If you

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What ROI can I expect from Executive Coaching?

Executive Coaching brings many benefits, both tangible and intangible The best way to justify the return on investment for executive coaching is by identifying specific challenges that your organization wishes to address with coaching. Then we can set specific goals and ways to measure progress throughout the coaching process. That way, measurement and results are

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Leadership Development

Professional Development – Why it Matters

How to be among the top 30% of leaders Do you remember the first time you participated in a leadership development program? I do. When I was in my first leadership role at work, in my early 20’s, I attended an incredible event called the Saturday Development Seminar for Women. As an inexperienced manager, wanting

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