How to Coach your Team to Success

You’re the manager and you have some big goals that your team needs to achieve.

Whether it’s exceeding your monthly sales targets, rolling out a new product, improving customer satisfaction ratings, or all of the above, you know that your job is to coach your team members to reach the goal. Follow these steps to help you and your team move from Point A to Point B!

  1. Start with the goal, If you don’t know where you are going, how will you know when you’ve arrived? As Stephen Covey expresses it in The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,  “Begin with the End in Mind”. Write down the goal in as much detail as possible: Increase our sales to achieve 110% of our target for the month of September. Improve our customer satisfaction rating to 4.8 stars on Google by November 30. You get the picture. This is Point B.
  1. Gap Analysis: look at where you are now – this is Point A. Your job is to lead, encourage, support and coach your team members to reach Point B – so take a look at the gap. Analyze what needs to happen, what needs to change, and what needs to stay the same in order to reach the goal.
  1. Diagnose the challenge: Once you’ve analyzed the gap, you may be tempted to take this to the team now and get people energized and ready to go. But I suggest you wait until you’ve diagnosed the challenge. Look at your team members and their roles. Who are the strongest players, and what strengths do they bring? And who are the ones who struggle? What do they bring to the team effort and how can you maximize each person’s contribution?
  1. Communicate: As the leader, you’ve now done the ground work and you are ready to roll out the challenge to the team. Communicate the goals clearly and make sure everyone understands both the big picture and their individual contribution or role. Remember that people process information in different ways – some will want a lot of details, some will prefer to see the overview first.
  1. Schedule meetings with each team member, as well as regular team meetings. Even though you are working as a team it is important to remember that you’re managing individuals. Performance is driven by individuals working together – so you need to have regular check-ins at the individual level, where you coach your staff to overcome obstacles, to develop skills, and to be accountable for results.
  1. Balanced approach  Use time in these meetings wisely – when you are working towards challenging goals it’s important to stay focused. However the best results come from a balanced approach – teams work better together when they have time available for social interaction and relating to each other on a personal level. If you’re very goal-driven you may tend to overlook this aspect – so remind yourself that this is part of the process, and an important one, at that.
  1. Communication, Consistency and Celebration – the 3 C’s that will help your team achieve success. Along with regular meetings, you’ll also see benefits from communicating regularly via email with reports, encouragement, reminders, congratulations, and suggestions. Consistency is key – always keep your eye on the goal, and maintain regular meetings and emails. And finally, celebrate small successes along the way, as well as a successful completion of the project, or achievement of the big goal.

While you are coaching your team to success, who is coaching you? Leadership coaching shows proven results. If you’d like to know more, book a free, no-obligation Strategy Session with me.

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