Leadership Development

Looking to grow your leadership skills?

I specialize in helping leaders enhance their ability to manage people – through a 3-step process that includes assessment, action steps and accountability. All sessions are provided online and conveniently arranged to fit into your busy schedule. 

Leadership is not easy and that’s why having an executive coach in your corner can make all the difference. If you’re facing any of the following challenges, I can help:

  • You’re overwhelmed by juggling too many priorities
  • Your team is not working well together
  • You’re not getting along with your own manager
  • You know you need to have some difficult conversations but you’re hesitating
  • Your team is not fully engaged
  • You want to advance in your career and you’re not sure what to do next
  • You need to develop future leaders
  • There are many more benefits – see here for details

Quick Tune-Up

This short and impactful program is for you if you’re looking to explore your personal leadership strengths and challenges in order to start the journey towards being a more effective people manager.


  • Personal Style Indicator  – identify your inherent style as it relates to people, tasks, time and situations.
  • Leadership Skills Inventory  – pinpoint the specific skills you need to develop to increase your leadership effectiveness
  • Individual reports highlighting your strengths and areas for development
  • Two coaching sessions (1 hour each) to deepen your understanding of the reports and to identify action items

You’ll see the difference!

  • Greater confidence in your leadership skills
  • An understanding of the power of your preferred style and skills
  • Enhanced appreciation of the perspectives and contributions of others


7-Week Goal Achiever

Start transforming your leadership style in this 7-week goal-focused program. Two coaching sessions will get you moving along on the track to success by helping you define an important and impactful goal. Regular accountability check-ins and motivational emails will engage and mobilize you towards that goal.


  • 2  one-hour coaching sessions where you’ll gain clarity to determine growth opportunities in your leadership style, and then define and document a significant goal
  • Worksheets and checklists to support you as you progress towards your goal
  • 7 weekly accountability check-ins (30-minute calls)
  • Daily inspirational leadership emails to keep you on track (Monday through Friday for 7 weeks)

You’ll see the difference!

  • Define and achieve a clear goal that’s important to you
  • Feel more confident in your growth as a leader
  • Improve your prospects for moving forward in your career


Elevate Your Leadership

This intensive executive coaching program is for you if you’re ready to bring your people management skills to a new level – we’ll start with a leadership style assessment and then work together building your skills for six months. You’ll see real transformation in this program.


  • Personal Style Indicator  – identify your inherent style as it relates to people, tasks, time and situations.
  • Leadership Skills Inventory  – pinpoint the specific skills you need to develop to increase your leadership effectiveness
  • Individual reports highlighting your strengths and areas for development 
  • Six months of executive coaching, providing insights, focus, and practical strategies
  • Inspirational leadership emails to keep you on track
  • Weekly accountability check-ins
  • Access to me between sessions via email and text

You’ll see the difference!

  • Greater self-awareness, allowing you to break through to new levels of leadership success
  • Development of key habits that enhance your communication effectiveness
  • Opportunities for career advancement as your contributions are recognized
  • Better retention of your star employees
  • Improved team motivation, collaboration, productivity, and results


Team Leadership Effectiveness

This is a group program, for management teams looking to upgrade their skills together – includes individual assessments and live group webinars. A great way to bond as a management team and to leverage your strengths across the organization.


  • Personal Style Indicator to understand self and others more clearly and improve communications, for each member of the leadership team
  • Individual report highlighting strengths and areas for development
  • Learning about the key characteristics of common personality types at work
  • Two interactive group webinars (1.5 hours each) to deepen knowledge and understanding of leadership effectiveness 

You’ll see the difference!

  • An understanding of the power of their own preferred style and those of others
  • Improved appreciation of the value of diverse perspectives 
  • Enhanced collaboration 
  • A more positive, vibrant workplace culture


Clients often ask me how to lead effective Team Meetings, so I’ve developed a short worksheet to help you. Download your free guide here – it’s absolutely free:


Cathy was a thoroughly professional, patient and encouraging coach and I profited considerably from her dedication and assistance.  – R.W.

Cathy, thank you so much for your dedication and advice. You have been a wonderful mentor to me. I admire your professionalism.  – R.U.

Thanks so much for your advice and support over these past few months – it kept me going when I otherwise would have given up! … It has been a real pleasure and honour to work with you.   – J.P.

You really helped me develop and grow in the nonprofit world as well as a human being! You have been a great mentor. – O.R.

You have been amazing to work with and I have learned so much from you. – M.R.

Cathy’s strong knowledge and exceptional ability to manage others and to motivate a team into action is unparalleled.  – S.R.

What ROI can I expect from Executive Coaching?

The best way to justify the return on investment for executive coaching is by identifying specific challenges that your organization wishes to address with coaching. Then we can set specific goals and ways to measure progress throughout the coaching process. That way, measurement and results are baked in and you are more likely to achieve the return on investment you seek.

Research shows there are tangible and intangible benefits from executive coaching –  for organizations, teams and individuals. Read on for details.

The International Coach Federation, the leading coach professional organization, has conducted and reviewed studies about coaching in organizations. They found:

  • Tangible benefits with an average return on investment ranging between 430% and 790%. 
  • Training combined with coaching increases productivity by four times more than training alone (which makes sense given that coaching works over time to reinforce learning). 

Benefits reported by companies include improvements in:

  • Productivity
  • Quality
  • Organizational strength
  • Customer service (together with reduced customer complaints)
  • Employee retention, especially among those receiving coaching
  • Cost reduction and bottom line profitability

Executives and leaders receiving coaching report these benefits:

  • Improved working relationships with direct reports, immediate supervisors, and peers
  • Better teamwork
  • Greater job satisfaction
  • Reduction in conflicts
  • Improved organizational commitment
  • Stronger relationships with external customers

Fast Company Magazine did a survey and found that 92% of leaders being coached said that they plan to use a coach again. 

As a component of my coaching engagements, I utilize a reliable assessment tool that measures leadership competencies before and after coaching. It pinpoints areas for development and provides evidence of improvements in specific leadership skills.

It is also worth noting that there are many intangible benefits that clients report, including: reduced stress, improved satisfaction and fulfillment, improved working relationships, better alignment and communication with their managers, and clearer understanding of expectations throughout the organization.

Further questions? I’ll be happy to discuss with you – book a call with me here.