Looking Ahead to 2020

Here's why I'm looking forward to kicking off the New Year!

Even though December has just started – I am looking ahead to 2020 already!

How about you? What do you have planned that you and your team can get excited about for the coming year? Are you a long-range planner or do you prefer to wing it? December can be a good time for reflecting back on the challenges overcome and the new initiatives undertaken in 2019. You may start thinking about professional development needs for next year. And it’s certainly a great time to come up with ideas for meaningful staff recognition – ways to show your team how much you appreciate their dedication and commitment. 

For me, the first week of December is often the best time to do some planning so that the New Year doesn’t take me by surprise. Once the second week of December rolls around I often find the busy-ness of the festive season has already taken over and the window of opportunity has closed, meaning that I procrastinate until after the feasting, gift-giving and gatherings, and delay my planning until January 2.

I already have several inspiring events in the works and I just want to share one with you here – it is called PROSPER: a day to manifest your best year ever. This event is organized by Happy Healthy Women and will be taking place in Toronto on Sunday January 12th 2020. I’m looking forward to this because not only is it shaping up to be a wonderful, inspiring day – with workshops, wellness treatments, great food and more – but also because I will be on-site all day providing individual leadership coaching. 

What better way to start the year on the right path – taking a day to combine self-care and pampering with practical, concrete steps to map out an awesome year for yourself.

Find out more about this unique event by following the link below.