Personality Assessments for Team and Individual Effectiveness

How can personality assessments help leaders – and others – to work together with greater impact?

I’ve been using personality assessments for many years, to help individuals and groups understand themselves and others better. I’ve found that a sound, well-researched assessment tool enables leaders – and others – to work together with greater impact. Understanding our own strengths enables us to prioritize and to accomplish more, while an awareness of our blind spots and challenges indicates those tasks or aspects of our work where we’d do better to bring in others in order to achieve stronger results.

Emotional Intelligence expert, Daniel Goleman writes : “In today’s workplace, this is a fundamental fact: each of us has only a part of the information or expertise needed to get our jobs done”. This means that team work and collaboration are not only necessary, but often essential – and anyone who has worked on a team knows how critical it is for us to understand each other well in order for teams to operate effectively.

When there’s a lack of understanding, team work often includes unproductive conflict, poor communication, and unbalanced levels of participation. Have you ever been on a team where one person ended up doing the bulk of the work? Or have you been frustrated in a team meeting where some people want to go through policies and procedures in detail before taking any action, while others want to get going on the project right away?

When team members each take a personality assessment and explore the results together, what ensues is a common language and understanding that enables people to communicate, collaborate, and negotiate with confidence and without judgment. An awareness grows that we have different approaches to situations and tasks – and that these differences are not necessarily “good” or “bad” – they are just different. With the knowledge gained through the assessments, team members are empowered to put their own strengths forward, and to recognize and appreciate the innate strengths that colleagues bring to the table.

Also, a thorough understanding of personality types and how they interact with each other provides many insights into more effective ways to work together, and knowledge about the reasons for some of the most common causes of conflict on teams.

It’s important to keep in mind, that the complexity of human behaviour comes from a variety of sources or influences, and personality type is just one aspect of this. There are many frameworks for defining personality traits, many different scales, assessments, and questionnaires available. Because I want to bring the best to my clients, I have looked into many of the available assessments, and I’ve chosen two that I prefer to use.

What Personality Assessments do I Use, and Why?

I’ve found two personality assessments that meet my criteria – CLSR’s Personality Dimensions®, and CRG’s Personal Style Indicator®. Both tools have been thoroughly researched and I have personally experienced deep insights into personality traits through individual and group exercises exploring the interactions between people with similar and different personality types, with both these tools.

First and foremost what matters to me is that the assessment tool has been shown to be valid and reliable. The personality types identified need to be easily understood and recalled, to make this useful and relatable for my clients. It’s also vital that I am able to work with clients as they explore their assessment report, so that deeper understanding can be gleaned – this not a superficial categorization of an individual but rather an exercise in self knowledge. Online personality assessments are frequently missing this feature.

Often, I’ll also provide workshops (face to face or virtual) where a team or group can learn more about the interactions between people of similar and different personalities. Therefore, I also require the assessment tools that I use to have ongoing support from the organization that provides the tool – so that I have access to the latest research, updates, and training tools in order to facilitate dynamic, interactive sessions that provide real value for the participants.

My career growth coaching clients benefit from individual assessments and reports, which we refer to when working together, to help overcome blind spots and challenges, and to leverage strengths in reaching goals. My clients also benefit from access to a range of related assessment tools, through CRG, that enable them to further explore facets of their work and personal lives, for example Leadership Style, Values, Learning Style, Stressors and more, depending upon their individual needs during the coaching cycle.

When you’re looking to be more effective in your work and understanding your team members better, or looking for help in deciding on your next career move, personality assessment tools are there to provide support and insights.

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